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A monthly feature highlighting insightful local businesses who are helping Maine move forward in 2021!

Buddies Groceries

January Featured Business

By Clare Milton

Buddies 1 Jan2021Buddies Groceries at 43 Main Street in Oakland has joined the Savage’s Drug Store family! Owners Shane and Bud Savage had relocated Oakland Pharmacy to Kennedy Memorial Drive from Downtown Oakland several years ago, thinking the traffic flow would bring a broader customer base. A change in the traffic pattern made it more difficult to access the pharmacy. They went to work developing a plan to move the pharmacy back to Main Street in Oakland. Combining the pharmacy with Buddies Grocery store was the perfect opportunity. With a new addition that includes a pharmacy drive through, Buddies Groceries and Oakland Pharmacy provide the total shopping experience. Drop off your prescriptions, pick up your groceries and you're done!

Buddies 2 Jan2021

Buddies 4 Jan2021

Buddies Groceries is undergoing an upgrade, too. New shelves, coolers, freezers, and produce cases have been installed, as well as a new meat cutting room. They have redesigned the kitchen facilities to make more of their home-cooked, ready to eat meals. Everyday specials, deli breads, pizza kits and sweets fill their shelves. The best of a hometown grocery store where everyone knows your name and you can find your favorite treats.

Ginger is the store manager at Buddies. She is overseeing all the changes and still has time to search for that special item you can't find anywhere else.

Shane and Bud have enjoyed developing this new project and is excited for this opportunity. When in Oakland, take a drive down Main Street and stop by Buddies and Oakland Pharmacy and enjoy their new look and warm, friendly service.

Buddies Jan2021