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Bolley's Famous Franks

December 2020 Featured Business:

Bolley’s Famous Franks, located at 96 College Avenue in Waterville, is NOW OPEN! This iconic brick-sided building has brought joy and comfort to generations. Patrons of all ages enjoy the experience of opening the heavy glass door and being greeted with the scent of hotdogs, onions and salt pork cooking on the grill, and the sweet smell of crinkle cut fries wafting in the air. A single, socially distanced line makes its way to the order desk. Customers blurt out their personalized orders, then are called out down the line while the staff busily works to fill each one. Quickly you are out the side door and back to your car. Many eat their meal right there in the parking lot.

“That’s the easy part!” new owners Mark and Kim Watson said while showing me the totally renovated behind the counter view and the back room of Bolley's. Mark designed the space to maximize the efficiency of food prep. The “Back Room Crew” comes ready to work!

“Green Thumb Farms” of Fryeburg provides the 50 lb. bags of Maine potatoes that Bolley’s uses to make their crinkle fries. They use about a ½ ton of potatoes a week! Before use, Mark had to repair the antique crinkle cut-cutter which was installed at Bolley’s in 1962. The crew chunks up the potatoes and buckets of fries are made each day. Preparing the salt pork is time  consuming, too. Together both crews work to create the perfect “Bolley’s Famous Franks”.

BolleysBolleysMark and Kim are grateful for the outpouring of support from patrons who have welcomed this treasured landmark back to life. They appreciate all the stories, too. Generations have grown up enjoying Kirschner natural casing hotdogs grilled in peanut oil and topped your way.

Bolley’s gift cards and t-shirts are now available. What a nostalgic Christmas gift to share with your family and friends! A drive to Bolley’s Famous Franks on College Avenue in Waterville, Tuesday–Friday 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM and Saturday 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM, will bring a smile to your face and a taste of comfort to your soul.

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