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Delta Ambulance

February 2022 Featured Business

by Clare Milton

DeltaWe have all seen the red flashing lights, heard the sirens and pulled over to the side of the road when one of Delta’s ambulances passes by. We know someone is in trouble. After a little prayer for everyone’s safety we return to our day, while Delta personnel drive directly into the danger.

Delta Ambulance, founded in 1972, is the leading provider of high quality, compassionate emergency service and medical transportation in Central Maine. They operate from their two command centers in Augusta and Waterville, servicing 29 Maine communities.

Delta Ambulance is an intricate business. They have one 24/7 dispatch center that coordinates crews from two stations. Delta also provides subsidy-free emergency services to 15 central Maine communities.

“Compassion, Leadership & Excellence” is their mission on every run. Over 150 health care professionals and a fleet of 17 ambulances, two supervisor SUVs, a paramedic fly-car, and 3 wheelchair vans work hard in each of our communities. Last year, Delta served approximately 17,000 people in need.

DeltaIn Waterville, Delta works together with Waterville Fire & Rescue to provide a quick in-town response. They also act as back-up to Clinton, Winslow, and Unity for advanced life support. Along with their paramedic duties, they transport patients to local hospitals from private homes and accident scenes. Wheelchair services fill the need for transports to doctor office visits and outpatient clinics. Trips to Portland and Boston frequently stretch their schedule to transport patients to receive necessary treatment.

Delta also offers superior training courses on all levels of EMT, Advanced EMT, Paramedic 1, Paramedic 2, and Emergency Dispatch Operators. If you have an interest in any of these career opportunities, Delta’s trainers would love to speak to you. They also offer “Earn to Learn” EMT training while getting paid and completing your course.

Working at Delta is being part of a team. Every call is like putting a puzzle together. They coordinate the best way to solve the on-site issues to make transportation as easy as possible for the patient. Sometimes there are stairs, narrow hallways, non-mobile clients, CPR or accident scene complications to deal with. Every day brings a new challenge. 

Two years of dealing with COVID has been a challenge. Keeping everyone safe and healthy is a constant priority. Every call could bring an exposure. The staff adhere to all safety protocols to complete each call safely.

While writing this story, I had my own up close and personal experience with the Delta Ambulance and Waterville Fire and Rescue. My roommate had an at-home emergency. Rescue was called and Delta responded as well. From the moment they opened the front door I knew my roommate would be safe.

Two paramedics assessed the difficult situation. They called for backup, had a conversation with the hospital, and together formed an action plan.

Before long, two supervisors arrived and they all worked together to successfully complete the transport. They were professional, kind, and compassionate. I could tell they enjoyed solving the
puzzle. I saw the dedication and focus you need to fulfill every mission. If you are ever in need of emergency services, count yourself blessed when Delta Ambulance paramedics arrive.

To learn more about Delta Ambulance, go to their Facebook page @YourAmbulance, visit their website www.deltaambulance.org, or call one of their dispatch centers at 623-4900 (Augusta), 861-4244 (Waterville). If you’re experiencing an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

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