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A monthly feature highlighting insightful local businesses who are helping Maine move forward in 2021!

What About Maine? Celebrating Our 10th Year!

WAM Pic1 October 2021October 18th, 2011 marks the first publication date of a new Maine trivia magazine called What About Maine? It is the creative expression of entrepreneur founder, Marty Allen of Winthrop, who loves trivia and all things Maine. He blended his trivia passions along with his desire to create an affordable advertising outlet for local Maine businesses. 

WAM Pic2 October 2021From the beginning, Marty was a one-person whirlwind, selling and designing all the ads, creating the questions, publishing the magazine and delivering each new issue. Marty did this to offer family entertainment while reaching Mainers across the Kennebec Valley.  

One of the first ideas Marty established was for readers to answer the 10 new Maine trivia questions each month. Early on, contestants sent the answers to him by mail. Today, contestants answer questions by going to the website www.whataboutmaine.com. The questions are listed and by a finger tap you can select your answers. Give us a little info about yourself and you are on your way to becoming a winner!

There are multiple winners every month. From the beginning, Marty received an overwhelming reception, and he sent the winners their prizes by mail. Tim Hortons and local pizza places kept the trivia buffs coming back

He continued his one man show until he hired me, Clare Milton, in April of 2015. I started part-time but moved to full-time in October of 2017. I've worked to develop relationships with local businesses, designing contests and creating our monthly business profile feature, “What About You?” Our newest addition to the magazine is “What About Us?” This new feature is in celebration of our 10th anniversary and will highlight various aspects of our magazine, including special features, behind the scenes stories, reader stories and more.

In the spring of 2017, the third member of our crew, Duane Wheeler, joined What About Maine? Duane had sold his Dairy Queen business in the spring of 2016. He took some time to relax and then began to search for his next adventure. Duane uses his many business connections and marketing skills to provide new opportunities for our local customers. He recently developed our latest feature, the What About Maine? Event Calendar, which showcases community plays, music performances, and other events.

The 4th member of our team is Kristina Roderick of Imagine Design Company. She is a professional graphic designer with over 20 years of experience. Kristina uses her expertise to develop our customers one-of-a-kind ads. She also designs our special features and creates our covers. We send photos and explain what our customers want, and she returns stunningly designed ads.

Once complete, Marty sends the magazine files to the only full color newspaper printer left in Maine and we anxiously await the finished product. On the first Friday of each month, Marty, Duane, and I meet the printer's delivery truck at the Marden's parking lot in Waterville. We load our 5,000 copies and hit the road! We deliver several hundred copies to the Maine State Tourist Bureau for delivery to all 9 Visitor Centers, so Mainers and visitors can enjoy our magazine every month. When we’re done, it’s time to do it all again!

Our newest upgrade is our website. You can now view the whole magazine and answer our trivia questions online. Matt Hunt from A2Z Computing Services, Inc. in Oakland is responsible for the upgrades and uploads in each new issue. No matter where you may roam, What About Maine? can go with you. Check back for more website surprises in the coming months!

Ben Wheeler Photography rounds out our team. Ben provides us with stunning cover photos and customer's photo requests for their upcoming advertising.

We truly enjoy putting together our What About Maine? trivia magazine because the readers search us out and keep us on our toes.  For instance, in the August 2021 issue, there was a mistake in the word search. One phrase was left out! "Italian Sausage" didn't make it into the puzzle, and a month later we are still receiving phone calls asking where it is. So Sorry! This lets us know how carefully our readers scour the magazine. We want you to know we appreciate your calls!

We are always looking for Maine trivia questions or facts about Maine not easily known.  Please email us any info you have and we may use it! Email .

Marty, Duane, and I would like to say thank you to our advertiser and loyal readers, and welcome new ones to continue seeing what's new in the months ahead. We have new features and contests to tickle your trivia buds! 

Pick up an issue at your favorite market, restaurant and local stores from Gardiner to Winthrop, Augusta, Waterville and the Skowhegan areas. And always remember we’re a click away a www.whataboutmaine.com! Join the fun by answering our questions each month and win prizes from our local vendors in What About Maine?, Maine Trivia Magazine.