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A monthly feature highlighting insightful local businesses who are helping Maine move forward in 2021!

Dixon's Country Market

September 2021 Featured Business

Dixon1 Sept2021Mainers are fiercely loyal when they find a local business dedicated to servicing their neighbors’ many needs. Dixon’s Country Market, located at 179 Benton Neck Road in Benton, is that haven!

When heading East on Rt. 100 & 139 in Benton, you’ll notice the commotion to your right. The dark red building with large white letters announces your arrival at Dixon’s. The parking lot is always busy as patrons come and go. You can fill up with their price friendly Sunoco Gas and run in for that gallon of milk, bread, beer and all the little essentials on your way home.

Amy and Shawn Dixon bought “Bob’s Country Store” in September 2013. They started right in by adding to and redesigning the market. They built a new walk-in cooler called “The Beer Barn” so customers can walk in and choose their cold beverages. A full wall of energy efficient coolers is filled with your favorite drinks ready to hydrate you on a hot summer day.

Amy is “The Boss” and she is a 5 ft. dynamo! She multi-tasks coordinating staff, deliveries, ordering and scheduling, making sure even the ice cream gets restocked.

Shawn, who is also a contractor, soon took on the challenge of building a new kitchen. The kitchen now has a deep fryer, grill, commercial hood fan, new pizza oven and space to allow a minimum of 3 staffers to work safely. Amy put her organizational and kitchen skills to work creating and fine-tuning the deli menu, offering pick-up and delivery services. Along with freshly made to order pizzas, Dixon’s is known for their steak bombs, chicken baskets, savory salads, and customer favorite, the “Original Maine Dagwood!” A Dixon’s Dagwood is served in authentic pita bread and loaded with all of your favorites including ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, black olives, and topped with slices of flavored bacon. It is so full, just taking a bite can be a challenge!

Another area they have focused on is gasoline sales. Amy and Shawn work hard to keep their per gallon pricing competitive. Every day they check the local pricing in an effort to save their customers an extra cent or two. Shawn shared with me that .38 cents per gallon are federal and state taxes. He said they work on a short margin, but customer satisfaction is the reason they are in a 24/7 business. They are also currently working to fully automate their gas pumps. In today’s market, the costs and shortages of products and skilled labor have extended the completion of this project.

Diesel fuel was another sought after product. They converted their lower lot into a state-of-the-art fully automated self-service diesel facility. Now truckers can stop by at any hour and fill up on their schedule.

Dixon’s, like so many other businesses, are looking for staff. Amy said, “We had to learn to be patient during this time of Covid. We are a family run operation and we appreciate their hard work. We try to have fun while meeting our customers’ needs.”

Amy and Shawn have been married for 26 years and have three children: Dustyn, 25, and his fiancé Liz; Kristian, 23, his wife Brittany, and sons Grant and Colten; and Mya, 13. The whole family helps or works at the store, along with Amy’s sister, brother and other family members.

The next time you find yourself in the Fairfield area, cross the bridge and head East and see what all the “Hubbub’’
is about. Dixon’s Country Market is ready to put “Local Service” in your vocabulary!

179 Benton Neck Road, Benton, ME • (207) 453-9547 • www.DixonsCountryMarket.com

Dixon2 Sept2021