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Celebrating Maine Maple Sunday Weekend

by Clare Milton

Pancakes Mar2021Maine Maple Sunday Weekend 2021 is March 27th & 28th. It's ON!!! Come help celebrate at local Maine Sugarhouses all over the state. Each finding their own way to celebrate Maine Maple Sunday Weekend and follow the state's CDC's guidelines.

I've spoken to many local sugar makers. All have modified their activities to personalize each family's experience. Doug from Raider's Sugarhouse will conduct educational tours of their maple sugarbush. Kinney's & the Bacon Farm will also offer wooded walking tours as well. Check Facebook and the sugarhouses' websites to coordinate activities and times to visit multiple sites over the weekend.

Maple Syrup Mar2021In 2020 Maine Maple Sunday Weekend was postponed until October as March found everyone in full lockdown. Since many outlets and fairs were canceled last year, sugar producers had to get creative. Most found direct marketing to local customers, making home deliveries, grocery stores, specialty shop displays, and online ordering have helped build new clientele. Another way they have found to increase revenue is to create new products...such as maple cotton candy,maple coated nuts,maple cream, maple filled whoopie pies, soap, lotions, and maple popcorn.

The Maple Syrup Season runs differently each year. Taps and lines are set up early so when the first sap starts running everything is ready for "The Boil!" Once the sap is collected, "the boil" begins within 12-24 hours. Two months of all-hands-on-deck provides enough syrup to sustain a year round maple products business.

This year there seems to be more interest in "doing it yourselfers" trying their hand at making syrup at home. Sugarmakers like Shelley Bacon or Mary Anne Kinney carry sugar making supplies and will teach "newbies" all the basics of the joy of maple syrup making.

On March 27th & 28th help support Maine Maple Syrup producers. Enjoy a ride in the countryside and experience the fresh spring air, outdoor activities and take home the sweet
taste of fresh Maine Maple Syrup. Visit the Maine Maple Producers Facebook page or website at: www.mainemapleproducers.com or check out the individual sugarhouses on Facebook for all
upcoming events.

Maple Pics Mar2021